Wooden Temples for Home

Every home must have a place or corner for serenity & divine vibrations. No matter how busy we get in our lives we must have a place in our home to remind us of our true soul connected with a higher self which is always in place to bless us. When we feel gratitude there is a rain of positivity opening the doors for solutions to our problems and growth in life.

Temple in our homes is one such thing that makes us feel grateful & reminds us of the existence of god and immediately lifts our stress. ‘Mandir’ as we call it in India the desi word for Temples – does not just signify the place for God – but signifies the place of God in our life.

The size of a temple for home does not matter. Everyone has their own budget or place constraints in homes. The more important thing is the beauty of the temple & the sthapana of idols whom we idolize.

Types of temples

There are many materials in temple designs available in the market. The most preferred & sold are Wooden Temples being long-lasting & natural in looks. Marble temples are also a good choice but they are heavier in weight and fragile. You may also find few sellers offering Mandirs made from stainless steel.

Sizes of Temples

Most people desire to have the most eye-catching, artistically carved & largest size possible for their home. Such designs mostly come with folding which you may need to assemble at home. Smaller temples are also in high demand for their portability. Your office desk, your catering van or your bedroom may not be able to accommodate a larger size of the temple. Many sellers offer smaller size elegant design temples which easily meet such requirements.

Meenakari Wooden Temples for home is one such option. The elegant eye-catching colors & small size makes it a perfect choice of Mandir for Pooja for your office desk or bedroom side table.

Cleaning concerns

You would also find Oxodized Wooden Temple for home by many sellers. Though buyers may get concerned about the method of cleaning the temples as after a period of time such temples usually get dark. However, getting the shine back for such temples is much easier than we could think. Just use leman or buttermilk to clean the outer layer – and you get the temple as shinier as new for the next couple of years.


Many sellers would offer customized Wooden Mandir for home, however, there is a glitch. Most times you would need to accept the temple design no matter how it turns out to be after completion. The ready-to-install temples are the best choice in such cases.

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