Tea Kettle

What Type of Tea Kettle Should I Buy?

There are a variety of Tea Kettle options available in the market that may create confusion about which kind of tea kettle’s are best according to their usage. As mostly it depends on how you intend to use it. In that case, you should have a clear idea of whether you need a teapot or a tea kettle. The major difference between Kettle and Teapot is – a teapot is something you use to boil water for tea and pour the hot water in a cup then prepare tea using tea bags. Most electric kettles by this definition are teapots. While the tea kettle is something you use to cook tea.

Kettle for Making Indian Style Tea

In India – the tea is prepared completely in a kettle or saucepan. Put all the required ingredients like tea, sugar, milk, spices, mint leaves, etc into the pan or kettle all at once. Then start heating the mixture and stir the milk till it gets the perfect flavor, color, and aroma of the tea. If you are a kind of Indian tea lover – you may go for metal tea kettles. We have several Tea kettles options for you with different types of metals.

  • Aluminum Tea Kettles
  • Stainless Steel Tea Kettles
  • Brass Tea Kettles
  • Copper Tea Kettles

Amongst them – the stainless steel tea kettle is currently widely used by households around the world. The reason being the steel kettles are sturdy, most of them can work on induction cooktops and comes in an elegant design. While aluminum kettles are mostly used as a camping kettle. Camping kettles need to be small, lighter in weight and heats up fast with less fuel consumption. The aluminum tea kettles meet all these requirements. Hence most campers prefer to have aluminum kettles on their adventures.

Commercial Large Tea Kettles

There are limited options available when you have a commercial tea shop or a chef at the restaurant serving tea or coffee. An extra-large kettle is not only time but also fuel saving. These big teapots are available in various serving cup capacities like 100 Cups (10 Litre), 75 Cups (7.5 Litre), 50 cups (5 Liter) & 25 Cups (2.5 Liter). Any smaller size should be considered as a small tea kettle for domestic use. Large tea kettles are often found in aluminum metal. However, large stainless steel tea kettle’s are also available and high demanded in the market. You may prefer to have big-size steel tea kettles, most comes with induction cooktop compatibility.


You may choose the best quality and perfect type of Kettle only after verifying how frequently you are going to use the kettle and what quantity of tea do you want to brew in the kettle. If you need the kettle just for boiling water (maybe you are an avid green tea drinker or prefer hot water over cold) you may go for an electric tea kettle. Though costly – it boils the water faster than any other kettle. However, if you are a tea/coffee lover, The restaurant owner who used kettles for commercial uses – stainless steel tea kettle could be the best choice for you. The greater advantage is not only the size but it works on both induction as well as gas stove.

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