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The Appropriate Methods for Using a Pressure Cooker


Undoubtedly a great invention, the pressure cooker has made cooking easier. There is no doubt that it is easy to use pressure cooker and it can quickly cook everything while preserving all of the food’s vital ingredients. In contrast to other cooking techniques, steam and pressure cooking produce food that is significantly healthier and uses less time, energy, and resources. But, using a pressure cooker might be challenging and requires some experience. If you break the regulations while cooking food under high steam pressure, it could become harmful!

  • Recognize the necessity of pressure cooking.

Ensure that the pressure cooker is empty and has been thoroughly cleaned. Make sure to continuously measure the pressure cooker’s capacity before adding water. Also, it would be best always to be careful when adding water because each dish may require a different amount. Ensure there is at least a third of the water in the cooker so that there is room for steam to build up.

  • Before Using, check your pressure cooker.

Ensure there are no cracks or dents when buying or using a pressure cooker. Make sure the pressure cooker’s whistle is in good condition as well. The food is cooked under steam pressure in a pressure cooker; however, because the pressure cooker produces a lot of steam, leaks or cracks might cause accidents. It, therefore, requires greater care when utilising it.

  • Start with the cooking process.

The next step is to properly position the whistle, seal the lid, and turn on the flame once you have added the appropriate amount of water and the item you wish to cook. Make sure the pressure cooker is securely closed to avoid accidents. Always make sure there is enough water available to produce steam. The whistle serves as a vent for the steam to escape; do not touch it. Turn off the burner and let the meal cool until the steam has reached its height and is ready to be released via whistles.

  • Cook different dishes

There are several recipes that can be prepared in a pressure cooker. Every dish requires a specific time to prepare, and the amount of time varies on the components. Therefore, carefully read the directions or recommendations for each dish. Rice, vegetables, meat, or fish require varied cooking times, and each dish uses a different amount of water. It is recommended to marinade or boil the food before cooking.

  • Release the steam

Never open the lid immediately because there is too much steam; doing so could result in disastrous accidents. Always elevate the whistle just a little with a long, steel spatula. By doing this, the steam is released, and after 10 minutes, the lid is ready to be opened. To lower the temperature inside the cooker, you can place it in the sink and run cold water over it.

  • Open the lid

The hot steam requires time to settle down, so always wait until the pressure cooker has cooled a little before raising the lid. It is always a good idea to wait until the steam has been released in one of the ways mentioned above before opening the lid. Moreover, listen to the sound of steam escaping; if there is none, you can open the lid.

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