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Large Spice Container | Steel 9 Compartments Spice Jar Box (Masala Dabba)

  • 100% Stainless Steel | Lifetime durable product
  • Each compartment can hold 500 grams of spice
  • Separate lid | Easy to use & clean.
  • Handles on both sides for ease of lifting.



Large Spice Containers

Food can never be complete without spices & kitchen without a spice box. Are you tired of re-filling spices to your little spice box many times in a day? Or may be you are a chef at a restaurant who really needs a solution to store greater amount of spices which could save you a lot of time & energy from re-filling of spices. Here is the best solution for you. – The Large Spice Box with 9 Compartments

This Indian spice container is made from 100% food grade stainless steel. Each of your Masala is going to find perfect organization and 500 Grams of spices storage in each of the 9 section. The big size spice box comes with handles attached for ease of movement. The separate lid saves space as you can put it below the box when the masala dabba is in use. When not in use – just put the lid over for safe storage.

There is enough space between each of the 9 large containers in order to remove them for re-filling or washing.

  • New 9 Compartment Jumbo Spice Box
  • Commercial Stainless Steel Large Spice Jar to store 500 Grams of spices in each box
  • Each container size – 10 x 10 x 10 (CM)
  • Box size – 33 x 33 (CM) * weight – 3.8 kg
  • Ideal product for hotels, restaurants & caterers

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Extra Large Spice Container | Steel 12 Compartments Spice Jar Box (Masala Dabba)

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  • Handles on both sides for ease of lifting.

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