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Havan Kund | Agnihotra | Large Iron Hawan Kund | Homa Kundam

  • Large size Iron Hawan Kund
  • Ideal for home pooja, hawan, katha, yagna
  • Lifetime durable product
  • 45 CM wide from base


Iron Hawan Kund (Large Size)

We offer best quality large hawan kund for domestic or temple use. Also known as homa kundam, these fire pots are in traditional Indian step design. The fire ceremony is a very important part of Hinduism, and it is believed to be extremely powerful and healing. The havan kund is a key part of this ceremony, and it is essential for anyone who wishes to perform the havan ceremony. These are also known as Indian Wedding Havan Kund as Indian wedding ceremony can not be completed without it.

A havan kund is a special type of fire pit that is used in the Hindu tradition of hawan. The havan kund is a key part of the havan ceremony, which is a sacred ritual that is performed to cleanse and purify the body, mind, and soul. The havan kund is typically made of bricks or stone, and it is filled with Ghee (clarified butter) and wood. The agnihotra is then lit, and the ceremony is performed. However, these day more reliable & ready to use iron hawan kunds are available like the one offered in this product offer.

Iron havan kund for sale is sturdy, can be used indefinate multiple times and most importantly it is portable in design. It is in ideal step like design which replicates traditional fire pot design which were made from mud and stones which gives it an authentic look.

The iron hawan kund big size is made from thick iron sheets, comes in complete balance and sturdy quality. Dimensions are as below:

  • 45 X 45 cm wide overall
  • Height – 17 CM 
  • Inside Pot  – 28 X 28 CM (10 CM deep)
  • Ideal product for domestic pooja, havan, yagya, rituals

Buy this best quality Big Hawan Kund for pooja at home or temple with free shipping worldwide.


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