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Roti Maker for USA Canada | 110V Chapati Maker Machine

  • 110v for use in USA & Canada
  • Durable & shock-proof body
  • 8 inches large non-stick coated base
  • US – Canada compatible plug
  • Instruction booklet included


Picasso Roti Maker USA (110 v)

Roti makers are amongst the most popular kitchen appliances in recent times. Not only they are time saving but provide perfectly round, tasty & fluffy rotis. Rotis (Indian flatbreads) are much healthier alternative to baked white bread made from fine wheat flour. While not all housewives have time or art to get perfect round rotis cooked on tawa – roti makers are perfect companions for them. USA & Canada electronic appliances need 110 Voltage products and compatible 3 pin plug. While voltage converters can be available – it is risky to run expensive appliances with them.

Hence we have brought here – the Picasso Roti Maker – made especially for US & Canada buyers. It is ready to use as soon as received by you.

Grab the new “Picasso Roti Maker” for your kitchen. It has got 8 inches wide plates making fluffy & soft rotis everytime. You may also use it to maker Paratha, Khakhara, Dosa, Chilla, Uttapam etc., The machine includes an instructions booklet helping you to get used to the chapati maker. It is especially made for USA & Canada buyers – as the machine is 110 Volts and come with US / Canada compatible 3 pin plug.

The Picasso Chapati Maker has got features like – Non-stick coated plates, shock-proof body & a compact design.

  • New Picasso Roti Maker made especially for used in USA & Canada
  • 8 inches large non-stick base
  • Instruction booklet included
  • Shock-proof body
  • Compact design
  • 850 Watts – 110 V
  • Comes with USA / Canada compatible 3 pin plug

Get the best quality Roti Maker USA with free & fast shipping to US & Canada!


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