Domestic Pressure Cookers

Here is the Complete Guide For Finding A Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Bigboy Pressure Cooker 18 liters
Hawkins Bigboy Pressure Cooker 18 Liter

If there is one thing that an Indian kitchen is incomplete without then it is defined as the pressure cooker. There is a lot you can cook with this amazing utensil. In fact, majority of the household that do not have an oven or microwave uses cookers to bake cakes. Moreover, who can miss the delicacies like rajma, cholay, chicken, and biryani? There is so much that a pressure cooker can do that imagining cooking in an Indian house without is near impossible.

Keeping the same into consideration mentioned below are some tricks to get the perfect pressure cooker for yourself:

  • Be careful while choosing the size

Be cautious of the size, as the incorrect size can cause problems. A small pressure cooker drives you to cook repeatedly at one time, whereas a large pressure cooker requires a lot of fuel to heat and requires a lot of cleaning. The primary deciding factor is the size of the family. If you have a small family, a 3-litre pressure cooker will suffice. A 5 to a 7.5 liters pressure cooker is adequate for a large family or joint family. The ideal size for a pressure cooker for baby food is 1 liter to 1.5 liters.

  • Look from the safety perspectives

With piping-hot steam and tonnes of built-up pressure, it’s critical that these cookers have some safeguards in place. Look for locking lids that keep it firmly shut if there is any pressure inside, a nozzle stem that discharges moisture when there is too much pressure, and adjustable handles created of heat-resistant components.

  • Consider the durability factor

You don’t want to have to buy a new cooker every year. Durability is an important consideration. Aluminum has a short lifespan. In terms of durability, stainless steel and hard anodized pressure cookers are the best options.

Hawkins Pressure Cooker 5 liter Gopala Exports
Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 5 Liter 
  • Must fit in your budget

There is a pressure cooker to suit almost any budget. Low-tech stovetop models are available for less than Rupees. 2000 Instant Pots with advanced features that connect to your smartphone can cost up to Rupees. 10,000. With so many options, it may be simplest to create a price and then find a pressure cooker that fits.

  • See if the cooker is dishwasher safe if you use the washer

This characteristic is only relevant if you use dishwashers to clean your utensils. Otherwise, it is unnecessary. Hard anodized pressure cookers are not dishwasher safe in general. Pressure cookers made of aluminum or stainless steel are dishwasher safe.

futura domestic pressure cooker
Hawkins Futura Pressure Cooker 2 Liter
  • Go for a reliable manufacturer

Some parts on all pressure cookers will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. For example, sealing gaskets (the silicone ring in the lid) typically last 18-24 months; smaller components of a safety valve may also need to be repaired on occasion. Purchase your pressure cooker from a reputable company with excellent customer service so that you can locate and purchase replacement parts when they become available.

Mentioned above points will surely assist you in buying domestic Pressure Cookers at wholesale prices.

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