Domestic Pressure Cookers

Domestic Pressure Cookers – Worth the Investment?

“Jo Biwi se Kare Pyaar, Woh Prestige se Kaise Kare Inkaar” – the very famous tagline of Prestige – the most trusted and sold brand for Indian Pressure Cookers gives clear hint that one who loves his wife never compromises on the quality of the cooker. The safety concerns of cooker leave us with an important question – is the domestic pressure cooker worth an investment? The answer is an obvious YES. Why? Let’s find out.

The pressure cooker was first invented in 1679 as Papin’s Digester, named for its inventor, physicist born in France “Denis Papin”. The cooker heats water to produce very hot steam which forces the temperature inside the pot as high as 266 °F (130 °C), significantly higher than the maximum heat possible in an ordinary saucepan. The less fuel consumption with higher heat & pressure production made cooking easy, time saving and economical. Since then pressure cooker has always found their place every any kitchen in the world.

Matter of concerns while having a domestic pressure cooker for your kitchen


The one thing that a good manufacturer would give primary attention to in a pressure cooker would be safety. The 1 thing that a branded high quality pressure cooker makes it apart from other local pressure cookers is safety. Unfortunately, there is not much awareness of which things to check for safety in a cooker by the buyers which makes them vulnerable. Apart from a good quality safety valve, the GRS (Gasket Release System) is must have for any pressure cooker. The GRS is only available in outer lid pressure cookers which makes them a better choice than inner lid pressure cookers.


Pressure cookers are available in a variety of metals. Cookers are primarily found made in aluminum – being the lightest metal and faster heat capturing feature. Apart from it – in modern times stainless steel pressure cookers are widely purchased. Being induction friendly and non-hazardous to health with food cooked inside. Lately, health concerns are on the raise with food cooked in aluminum. Many companies are also offering ceramic and brass pressure cookers. However, they have been less preferred compared to stainless steel and aluminum.


So you bought a pressure cooker with a finite term of the warranty. But did you check on maintenance costs after the warranty period is over? Aluminum pressure cookers are expensive in terms of maintenance and lifespan than stainless steel cookers. Being softer metal aluminum cooker budge over time. While steel cookers though costly at the time of purchase – provide a longer lifespan and lesser maintenance. The most maintenance cost goes towards the replacement of rubber seal (gasket) and safety valves.

Feasibility (Size & Style)

Here comes your personal choice. The size would depend on the number of people you need to cook for. Generally, there is a need for more than 1 size of cookers as the food quantity cooking requirement would depend on many factors. However, a too small pressure cooker may not be recommended and it would often spoil the excess water out. The Minimum recommended size would be a 3 Liter Pressure Cooker.


Which stove do you use? Is it a gas stove? If yes, you may buy any metal cooker as all cookers are generally gas stove compatible. However, be careful while buying if you are using an induction cooktop. Stainless steel cookers would be the preferred choice for induction stoves. However, aluminum cookers are also available with induction compatibility with induction bottom plate separately attached.


Prestige Pressure Cookers & Hawkins Pressure Cookers are world renowned brands in the Indian Pressure Cookers category for their safety, quality, and variety of sizes and design offerings. While they are costlier than other non-branded products (sometimes of the same quality) but buyers may not think twice while investing in these brands. If price is a restrictive concern – you may also go for less known brands as many manufacturers provide the same better quality than Prestige or Hawkins but at a very less price. In such a case, safety criteria must be checked with the cooker before purchase.

In conclusion, the domestic pressure cooker is a must to have kitchen tool in modern times and worth an investment being fuel, time & money saver compared to open utensils.

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