Commercial Large Spice Containers

How can any food be complete without spices & kitchen without a spice box. A spice box or jar is a storage box for different colorful spices. Ideally, the domestic Indian spice boxes have 7 small compartments. Though small spice jars are handy and easy to store – more often it is tiresome to keep re-filling spices to your little spice jars many times in a day. Or may be you are a chef who really needs a solution to store greater amount of spices which could save you a lot of time & energy from re-filling of spices. Here is the best solution for you. –The Extra Large Spice Boxes.

Advantages of extra large spice boxes

The stainless steel Indian spice containers are made from 100% food grade stainless steel. Each of your Masala is going to find perfect organization and upto 1 kg of spice storage in each of the section. The big size spice box comes with handles attached for ease of movement. The separate lid saves space as you can put it below the box when the masala dabba is in use. When not in use – just put the lid over for safe storage.

Storage size : The biggest advantage is the size of these spice containers. It comes in various sizes like 6 compartments, 9 compartments & 12 compartments. Also, the compartment sizes differs like, 400 grams storage compartments, 500 grams storage compartments & extra large 1 kg of spice storage boxes.

Handles attached : Every large spice container comes with handles attached. Several designs also have handles on the lid as well. This makes the movement of the boxes easy.

Made from Food Grade Steel :  Spices can be reactive to metal. However, these spice boxes are made from food grade stainless steel. This lets the aroma and freshness of the spice maintained for long.

Easy to clean : The steel made large masala dabba are quite easy to clean. You may easily remove the inside containers and clean the holder. The each of the containers can also be cleared separately with very much ease.

Easy to refill : In the jumbo masala dabba there is enough space between each of the large containers in order to remove them for re-filling or washing.

With each of the above advantages of commercial spice container, it could a best choice for your kitchen at home or at a restaurant.

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