Things to Consider while Purchasing a Commercial Gas Stove

Things to Consider while Purchasing a Commercial Gas Stove

If you run catering services or if you are a restaurant owner – apart from many other kitchenware requirements for your business, the most common thing you are going to need is a Commercial Gas Stove. Cooking for a larger group of people would need larger utensils and in turn big burner gas stoves to heat them up.

Generally gas stove – Commercial cooktops come with a range of different features than a domestic stove. In this article, We would like to share the features along with things you should consider before buying a commercial gas stove.

What is a commercial gas stove?

What is a commercial gas stove? Do we need a commercial gas stove? How to choose a commercial gas stove for catering services? So without much ado let us discuss the features which are usually found in a commercial gas stove. Any cooktop which comes with a larger burner and higher flame can be considered as a commercial gas stove. However, they can be very different in design and sizes from domestic gas stoves or primus stoves.

Big burner gas stoves come with a higher flame area which offers a huge advantage for bigger scale commercial cooking applications. Depending on the type of burner in the stove, you can choose to control it or to have a constant stream of flame. To control the flame, commercial gas stoves have a selection of knobs that control the flow of gas in the stove. These ranges include fan, meter, spark plug, high flame, and nozzle.


Larger Burners – The most common feature of a gas stove for the restaurant would be the size of the burner. As mentioned earlier the larger size of cookware at restaurants would require a higher flame for even heating to the jumbo utensils.

High Output – A high gas output commercial gas stove would bring the heat to the edge which would be very good for grilling or cooking vegetables, meat, and other foodstuffs.

Sturdy Pan Supports – The strength of the pan support in commercial cooking equipment shouldn’t be compromised. Larger and heavy-duty utensils carry much more heavy weight. The commercial cooktop must be sturdy enough to handle such weight.

Portability – If you are a restaurant owner with a steady kitchen, the portability of the stove may not be an issue for you. However, the caterers providing live cooking services for their clients at different places must go for a portable commercial gas stove.

Compatibility – Most commercial gas stoves come along with a gas pipe & regulator connection. The buyer must pay attention to whether the cooktop is compatible with the kind of gas supply they have at their place. The stove must be compatible with both LPG & Propane gases as well as bottle & pipe supply connections.

Flexibility – The stove must be flexible to adapt to any kind of gas connection you may be using. It should be easy to fix & repair the stove without much complexity involved.

Safety – Last but not least, the commercial gas stove must be safe to work with. It should be able to provide continuous functioning without any safety concerns.


We hope this article clarifies what are the main features along with important functions & things to consider while purchasing the commercial gas stove. Our recommendation would be to buy a simplistic commercial gas stove with a big burner which has less functional complexities – as it would give you durability along with minimum maintenance. In case of any queries please feel free to get in touch.

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