All You Need to Know About Commercial Pressure Cookers

All You Need to Know about Commercial Pressure Cookers

There may be nothing that you may not know about pressure cooking. Modern times have provided us with many options with respect to sizes, materials used, and designs to opt for in pressure cookers. Also, the cookers are now the part of everyday kitchen life of every household. However, very less is known about commercial pressure cookers. Especially, if you are a restaurant owner – the idea must have come to your mind that you wish if you could have a tool that could help you cook a larger amount of food – faster. The commercial pressure cooker is the answer.

Any size greater than 25 Liter of cooker could be considered a commercial range of pressure cooker. As families generally may not need any size larger than 25 Liters which is enough to cook for about 125 persons. However, when it comes to restaurants or food-related factories – they might question what’s the largest size of pressure cooker could be available in the market? To our surprise, the demands for larger sizes of pressure cookers are ever-increasing, with understanding the benefits of bulk food cooking in against cooking in open pots.

Most Restaurants need larger size pressure cookers. Industries such as chemical, metal, catering & other food-related including canteens, army camps, temples & other institutions offering food to a larger group of people often require commercial pressure cookers. So, what’s the benefit of cooking in open utensils? The most beneficial thing to consider is the time and fuel saving. It has been observed that larger cookers can recover their cost in less than a year’s time than cooking in open pots. Also, the cooking process is faster. The restaurants can optimize the serving time for their customers with faster cooking in larger size of cookers. Any food industry looking for commercial pressure canner – large pressure cookers would be ideal product for them.

So, which is the largest size? Hmmm., the largest size of any gas stove compatible portable pressure cooker is 200 Liters Jumbo Commercial Pressure Cooker. A good enough size to cook for 1800 to 2000 people at a time.

Other Sizes

For your understanding, let me provide you a complete table with technical details that can help you decide which pressure cooker can be best suitable according to your requirements.

Ltr.DiaHeightThicknessCooking cap.
 (mm)(mm)(mm)No. of person
200 Liter6756507.251800 to 2000
160 Liter6755707.251500 to 1600
108 Liter57555971000 to 1200
83 Liter5005346.5800 to 900
75 Liter5005086.5650 to 750
60 Liter5004066400 to 500
40 Liter5003436300 to 450
35 Liter3903816200 to 300
30 Liter3903566150 to 225

Safety Concerns

It would be of utmost importance to check for safety standards for any large-size pressure cooker you may buy. CE certification is the best quality standard any manufacturer could obtain. Various countries have their different quality standards which the manufacturer must have met.

Pressure Gauge

Larger capacity cookers often come with pressure meters. Industries & restaurants have standards for food cooking that adhere to various pressure requirements. The purchaser must check at which pressure point the cooker releases the air. In general – 7 Psi is the standard for any type of food cooking.


The other important thing to consider is the thickness of the body of the cooker. The larger the size – the thicker should be the body.


The movement of the cooker should also be considered. The larger cooker must have properly allocated handles so that 2 to 4 person can easily move the cooker. Ease of portability of the cooker is must for large size cooker otherwise washing & movement of food inside and out of the cooker would raise a concern.

The cooking in a larger cooker is no different than the domestic size of cookers. However, great care must have been taken in the quality & safety standards of the larger size steamer pots as they are going to be used professionally with bulk food cooking. Also, you may not forget to order some extra spares as the parts of such unique size of pressure cookers may not be easily found locally.

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