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10 Essential Kitchen Tools you Need in Your Kitchen

Every kitchen is different with its food preparation needs & preferences – so is its requirement for kitchen tools. Every country has a specified style of kitchen and one would find very different kitchen accessories being used in different countries or even in different parts of the same country. However, there are some universally accepted kitchenware tools that no one can ignore for their usefulness in any kitchen. Here is the list of some of the widely accepted and universally used kitchenware gadgets and tools. Some of them are quite modern tools (e.g., Roti Makers) and many used traditionally for years (e.g., Biryani Cooking Pots).

Roti Makers

These modern kitchen tools have recently got worldwide acceptance. Due to the health benefits of Indian-style Rotis compared to bread, many housewives have turned towards whey-made Rotis. While not everyone can be an expert in perfect round fluffy Rotis – the machine can be a handy tool for anyone. Being easy to use and available from very well-known brands like Prestige Roti Makers these machines have become essential for every kitchen.

Hand Blenders

Hand blenders are quite useful for quick blending. You may not need to take the whole mixer out of the cabin, get the jar fixed, and wash it after use. So much a headache when you need to blend just a small amount of food. Hand blenders are blessing tools with such requirements. Get mangoes crushed to get perfect juice, buttermilk, blending of dal, and much more becomes way easier with Hand Blenders. Manufacturers life Maharaja Hand Blenders are coming up with folding blenders which use much less space – making them an essential tool any kitchen may need.

Mixer Grinders

That being said about the blenders – the requirement for Mixer Grinders for any kitchen can not be replaced by any other tool. Mixer grinders are one of the most essential kitchen tools and It is a tough job for all women/housewives to ignore it from their list. Grinders are available in the market in a variety of motor capacities and brands life Prestige, Maharaja Mixer Grinders, Jaipan, Preethi, and many more. 500 Watts motor could be considered ideal however some prefer to go up to 1000 watts for heavier grinding requirements.

Pressure Cookers

Pressure cooker becomes one of the most desirable kitchen tools due to 2 very valid reasons – 1) Savings of time and 2) Savings of fuels. You may choose from a wide variety of materials, brands, and sizes available in the market. Prestige Pressure Cookers & Hawkins Pressure Cookers can be considered the most trusted brands worldwide.

Open cooking pots

That being said about the pressure cookers – some recipes when cooked with pressure cookers may not do justice with their aroma and taste. For e.g., Biryani. Every grain of rice perfectly cooked does not stick to each other and with perfect aroma can be only be obtained when biryani is cooked in a Biryani Deg, which makes it an essential cooking tool in your kitchen.

Spice Containers

The most traditional essential kitchen tool would be a spice container. No matter which country you live in, the organization of spice in your kitchen is a must. The purpose is easily served with a spice container or masala Dabba.


One of the most time-saving tool would be a vegetable chopper. Be it electric or manual – the chopper does not only saves time but also gives perfect-shaped chopped vegetables every time, making it one of the most essential kitchen tools you may require. Stainless steel chilly cutters and onion choppers are widely used manual chopping machines in kitchens.


Modern lives are difficult to imagine without stoves in the kitchen. Be it LPG Gas Stove or a Kerosene Pressure Stove – every kitchen must need it for food cooking with saving a lot of time and energy.


The organization of snacks, spices, and flour in the kitchen requires perfect size canisters. Mostly canisters are bought in consecutive sizes from small to large. This not only serves the purpose of stacking them easily – but also solves the storage problem of a variety of quantities of foods. Like, storage of sugar and tea may need smaller canisters than storage of wheat flour.

Non-stick cookware

Non-stick cookware is a blessing tool for a variety of food items. Due to Teflon coating not only the food does not stick to the vessel it takes a pretty less amount of oil for cooking which makes the food healthier to eat.

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